Delta Touchless Kitchen Faucet Reviews: A Comprehensive Look at Pros and Cons

Sabrina Dawson

Delta Touchless Kitchen Faucet Reviews
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In the modern world of technology, even the simplest of kitchen appliances have seen revolutionary advancements. The smart faucet, with its intuitive features and futuristic capabilities, has taken the kitchen experience to a whole new level. One such smart faucet that has garnered attention is the “Delta Faucet Essa VoiceIQ Touchless Kitchen Faucet.” In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the various aspects of this product, sharing insights into its features, installation process, user experience, and highlighting its strengths and limitations.

Product Overview

The Delta Faucet Essa VoiceIQ Touchless Kitchen Faucet boasts a sleek and modern design, perfect for elevating the aesthetics of any kitchen. Its matte black finish adds an air of sophistication, and the inclusion of VoiceIQ technology promises a hands-free and voice-activated experience. With the ability to connect to virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, this faucet aims to make daily kitchen tasks more convenient and efficient.

Installation and Setup

Upon unboxing the product, the premium feel of the faucet is immediately evident. However, the installation process might present a slight challenge for those with deeper sinks. The instructions, while generally clear, might require a bit of patience and experimentation to fully understand. Once the installation is completed, the faucet sits confidently atop the sink, ready to bring its array of features to life.

User Experience

The smart features of the Delta Faucet Essa begin to shine as soon as you interact with it. The touchless technology allows for effortless control of the water flow, minimizing the need to touch the faucet handle with messy hands. Moreover, the VoiceIQ functionality brings a new level of convenience, allowing users to adjust water temperature and flow through simple voice commands. However, it’s worth noting that the initial setup for voice activation can be a bit finicky and time-consuming for some users.

Pros of the Delta Faucet Essa VoiceIQ Touchless Kitchen Faucet

  1. Premium Aesthetics: The faucet’s sleek and modern design adds an element of elegance to any kitchen decor.
  2. Touchless Convenience: The touchless technology is a game-changer, making tasks like washing dishes and filling containers much more convenient and hygienic.
  3. Voice Activation: The VoiceIQ feature is a standout, providing a hands-free experience for controlling water flow and temperature.
  4. Sturdy Build: The faucet is built to last, with a solid construction that speaks of durability.
  5. Easy Installation: Despite a minor learning curve, the installation process is relatively straightforward.

Cons of the Delta Faucet Essa VoiceIQ Touchless Kitchen Faucet

  1. Soap Dispenser Challenge: Some users find the soap dispenser to be more trouble than it’s worth, especially in sinks with deeper depths.
  2. Initial Voice Activation Setup: Setting up the voice activation feature can be a bit challenging, requiring multiple attempts and patience.
  3. Complexity for Some Users: While the faucet offers advanced features, it might take time for some users to fully adapt to the touchless and voice-activated controls.


What is the VoiceIQ technology in this faucet?

VoiceIQ technology allows you to control the faucet using voice commands through virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. This means you can adjust water temperature and flow without physically touching the faucet.

Can I use this faucet without voice control?

Absolutely. While the VoiceIQ feature adds convenience, you can also use the touchless functionality to control the faucet without voice commands. Simply waving your hand near the faucet activates the water flow.

Is the installation process complicated?

The installation process is relatively straightforward, but it might vary depending on your familiarity with plumbing fixtures. The package includes installation instructions that should guide you through the process. If you’re unsure, seeking professional installation assistance is always an option.

Does the faucet work well with deep sinks?

The faucet is designed to work with a variety of sink depths. However, some users have mentioned that the soap dispenser might be more challenging to install and use in sinks with deeper depths.

How does the touchless feature work?

The touchless feature utilizes motion sensors to detect when an object (such as your hand or a container) is placed near the faucet. This triggers the water flow, allowing for a hands-free experience.

Can I disable the touchless and voice features if I prefer traditional control?

Yes, you can. The faucet typically comes with manual controls as well, allowing you to use it in a traditional manner if you prefer not to use the touchless or voice-activated features.

Is the VoiceIQ setup compatible with all devices?

The VoiceIQ setup is compatible with virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. However, compatibility might vary depending on your specific device and its settings. It’s recommended to check the manufacturer’s guidelines for compatibility details.

Is the faucet durable?

Yes, the faucet is designed with durability in mind. It’s built to withstand daily use and the wear and tear of a busy kitchen environment.

How does the soap dispenser work?

The soap dispenser is designed to dispense soap for washing dishes and hands. It’s typically operated manually by pressing down on the dispenser’s pump.

Can I switch between voice control and touchless control?

Yes, you can choose between voice control and touchless control based on your preference. You can either use voice commands through VoiceIQ or activate the water flow by waving your hand near the faucet.

Remember that individual experiences might vary, and if you have any specific questions about the product, it’s recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s official documentation or contact their customer support for accurate and up-to-date information.

More innovative technologies that you won’t find in this product

As of now, there are several advanced technologies that have emerged to further enhance kitchen faucets beyond the Delta Faucet Essa VoiceIQ Touchless Kitchen Faucet. Some of these innovations include:

  1. Gesture Control: Some faucets now incorporate gesture recognition technology, allowing users to control water flow and temperature with simple hand movements, without the need for physical contact or voice commands.
  2. Integrated Water Filtration: Certain faucets come with built-in water filtration systems, providing users with purified water directly from the faucet. This eliminates the need for a separate water filter system on the countertop or under the sink.
  3. App Connectivity: A few smart faucets can be connected to smartphone apps, enabling users to monitor water usage, receive maintenance alerts, and customize settings through their mobile devices.
  4. Water Conservation Features: Some faucets incorporate advanced sensors and algorithms to optimize water usage, helping users conserve water by automatically adjusting flow rates based on usage.
  5. UV-C Disinfection: A few innovative faucets integrate UV-C technology to disinfect the water, ensuring that it’s safe and free from harmful microorganisms before it flows out.
  6. Voice Assistance Integration: Beyond basic voice commands, there are faucets that integrate more advanced voice assistance features, allowing users to ask for recipe recommendations, measurement conversions, and even interact with smart appliances in the kitchen.
  7. Customizable Spraying Modes: Some faucets offer multiple spraying modes, adjustable through touch or voice, making it easier to switch between stream, spray, and other specialized modes based on different tasks.
  8. Multi-Sink Connectivity: A few advanced faucets allow connectivity with multiple sinks in the kitchen, providing a seamless experience for multitasking or filling containers in different locations.

It’s important to note that the level of innovation and availability of these technologies can vary, and new advancements continue to be introduced. When considering a kitchen faucet, it’s recommended to stay informed about the latest features and technologies to choose a product that best suits your preferences and needs.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Delta Faucet Essa VoiceIQ Touchless Kitchen Faucet brings a blend of innovation and convenience to the heart of your home. Its sleek design, touchless functionality, and voice activation capabilities redefine how we interact with a kitchen faucet. While it might pose a learning curve for some users and have a soap dispenser that isn’t universally loved, the overall benefits and features make it a worthwhile addition to any modern kitchen.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a culinary artist, or simply someone seeking a more efficient kitchen experience, the Delta Faucet Essa VoiceIQ Touchless Kitchen Faucet is a product that offers both style and substance. Embrace the future of kitchen faucets and enjoy the convenience that this smart appliance brings to your daily routine.